We Lead the Talent

New competences have been drawn to our company!

In a collaboration with LEAD THE TALENT three profiles have been head-hunted to Pure Algae Denmark. They will be working with business development and branding.

It is a strong and diverse team with competences within different fields of topics relevant for our future development, and we are very excited about what the project will bring.

Are you looking for new challenges?

We offer internships at both practical and strategic levels, we on board both scientist (biologists, chemists, engineers etc.) and communications assistants.

So are you in the search of getting more experience within the field of life sciences?

Reach out and let me know or spread our message by sharing or liking.

Read more at Tine Zøfting-Larsen’s LinkedIn post

Pure Algae

Legat fra Alexander Foss’ Industrifond

Tak DI – Dansk Industri for jeres opbakning, vi glæder os til at vise jer resultatet!

We are close now, Esben

That was the message I received, when returning from Portugal after 6 weeks. In that time the development of Pure Algae has been in the hands of the independent and professional work of Sandra Lambert Walby and Minh L. Lu.

We are now approaching our target and moving forward by on boarding Tine Zøfting, which gets us closer to getting to market!

What can I say? These people can bring change to the world! I am happy, that Pure Algae Denmark is a part of this change.

Good job, guys – I am proud of you!

Pure Algae

Controlled (and automated?) seaweed production

We grow seaweed. On land.
We design, build and operate unique cultivation systems that enable an increased seaweed production at a reduced space through an energy optimized technology.

Watch the video for an explanation of our early prototype and our vision with our technology (only in Danish).

In the future, we are looking to implement digital tools to automate our processes and thereby also increase the quality of the seaweed we produce.

Do you understand how to address automation processes? Are you ready to deal with technology and sensors in a saltwater environment?

Feel free to reach out and let us have a chat about how we together can make a local seaweed production a global option.