A life science startup, do you know what I mean?

So what is it actually we do in Pure Algae Denmark…

We grow seaweed.
On land.
Okay, and what’s new?

We design, build and operate a new technology, which we will proof can increase the productivity, reduce the costs and most of all – increase the quality of the seaweed and its sustainable footprint.

Now, what does it take?
Idea to full scale?
Easy now.

If you do something new, you have to start small. When implementing a new technology, we need to test a lot, but we do it systematically. Here is how:

Pilot (lab-scale) -> Prototype (small-scale) -> Demo (large-scale) -> Replicate Demo (full-scale)

We create hypotheses.
We create pilots, and we do rapid testing.
We implement our knowledge and test in prototypes.
If our hypotheses are confirmed all through the value chain, then we are successful.
Until then, it is about keeping on trying.
And of course – about having sufficient funds to keep the process (and ourselves) alive.

Throughout the last year we have been forth and back in this process of designing, testing and iterating on pilots and prototypes. Today we have a Demo, and we are closer now than ever.

We are so close, that we can almost taste the seaweed. Be ready for it, soon you can taste it too.

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