The Team

Founder of Pure Algae Denmark

Esben Rimi Christiansen
InnoFounder – Graduate
Civilingeniør i bioteknologi, Danmark Tekniske Universitet

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Since Esben was 9 years old, he has tried to find solutions that could help protect and re-establish our ecosystem. Through his upbringing in a small idyllic town, Nødebo, he discovered that pollution from a former impregnation company was threatening the nearby lake, Esrum Lake. In his bachelor’s thesis he directly investigated the magnitude of the pollution and obtained striking results regarding the environmental conditions of the lake and the polluted soil along with potential of different methods of purification.

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The purification methods, which Esben studied in depth, are known as bioremediation – a biological purification treatment. Seaweeds are particularly well-suited for purifying water that is enriched with nutrients and CO2. A high nutrient content in our oceans and lakes lead to uncontrollable algae growth. This can then cause deoxygenation and, in the end, have fatal consequences for life in those ecosystems.

By cultivating seaweed in a controlled environment, we can reduce the high nutrient content locally. This is ultimately Esben’s goal – utilizing excessive nutrients to deliver a healthy and sustainable food source.

Scientific advisers for Pure Algae Denmark

Annette Bruhn

Annette Bruhn

Seniorforsker, Aarhus Universitet
Ph.D. i Marinbiologi, Aarhus Universitet  / IFM-GEOMAR & University of Kiel

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Annette Bruhn is a senior researcher who studies phycology and marine ecology at Aarhus University. With 10 years of experience within cultivating seaweed and being a manager for a number of projects that focus on the commercial usage of seaweed, Annette has become one of the leading seaweed experts in Denmark. She has stepped into a new role as an adviser for Pure Algae Denmark in order to kickstart the research.

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Annette’s expertise lies in seaweed cultivation, optimization of nutrient content and bioremediation. Her vision is to get the seaweed industry going and to see it flourish.

Lone Thybo Mouritsen

Forskningsleder, Kattegatcentret
Cand.scient i Marinbiologi, Aarhus Universitet

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Lone Mouritsen is a research manager at Kattegat Center. She has 10 years of experience in cultivation methods and seaweed application. Together with Annette Bruhn she established Alge Center Danmark back in 2010 with the aim of making progress in seaweed production and application in Denmark. In addition, Alge Center Denmark acts as a centre of seaweed research in relation to cultivation and bioremediation.

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Lone has been a research manager at Kattegat Center for the past 5 years. Through this post she has with great engagement managed a number of research and promotion projects about marine biology. Along with Annette Bruhn, she is an important key player at Pure Algae Denmark who can bring the research into play at the industry, which is one of the problems the company faces.

Pure Algae Denmark will collaborate closely with Kattegat Center in order to gain a healthy symbiotic partnership, where research and industry can go hand in hand.

Thomas Dall Hansen

Sales and strategic director at German Machine Technics ApS
Master of Laws at Copenhagen University

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Thomas has 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and is a qualified lawyer. During his Master’s he managed to build his first million dollar business and in the long run he obtained companies with more than 10 employees, a turnover passing ½M dollar and professional investors. His biggest lesson to date was when he went bankrupt in 2015. Through here, he realized that there are certain things one has to be aware of and prioritize when operating a company.

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His expertise lies in organization, management, strategy, sale and advanced finance along with comprehension of finance. Moreover, he has a can-do attitude and is known for being efficient and forward-looking.

Even though he doesn’t have any knowledge of seaweed growth, he knows what business growth is about and he wishes that Pure Algae Denmark can get a foothold in delivering sustainable, organic and healthy food product, that is not dependent on our valuable water.

Christian Vinther

Investor Relations Manager, DanBanCand.merc. Innovationsledelse

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Christian har mange års erfaring med at inspirere og fremme innovation hos startups – både på dansk og amerikansk jord. Hans tilgang har afsæt i både strategisk og praktisk erfaring, der støtter Pure Algae Denmark til at holde fokus.

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I 2019 trådte Christian ind som mentor for Pure Algae Denmark som et led i eliteprogrammet, Innofounder graduate. Af samarbejdet udspringer kompetencer inden for strategiudvikling, innovation, ledelse, fundraising, og investorstrategier. Vigtigst har Christians føling og kompetencer inden for startup-livet støttet Pure Algae Denmark i at navigere igennem en række omstillinger og stadig holde kursen mod en bæredygtig forretning.

Til dagligt er Christian blandt andet Relations Investor Manager for det private netværk af Business Angels DanBan. Som ansvarlig for dialogen mellem Business Angels og små startups, hjælper Christian med at skabe den rigtige matchmaking mellem idé og kapital.

Christian motiveres af at se projekter vokse og udvikle sig og ser samtidig Pure Algae Denmarks potentiale, ikke blot lokalt – men globalt. Vi hos Pure Algae Denmark er glade for samspillet og synergien med Christian, hvis energi og perspektiv er med til at udfolde og udleve vores bæredygtige vision.

Key partners

Solar Cooling ApS:
Jess Rowedder: CEO

Solar Cooling consist of engineers with expertise in renewable energy and energy optimization. The team works on process optimization that focuses on industrial synergies and they are experts in reducing companies’ energy consumption.

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The team has experience in heating, cooling, ventilation as well as automation and they always try to find the right energy-efficient solution. Together with Pure Algae Denmark they possess the knowledge that is required to design the ideal seaweed cultivation system with a particular reference to minimizing cost and optimizing profit.

Furthermore, the director, Jess Rowedder, has waited seven years for the right seaweed enthusiast to step into the picture and become part of a project that can utilize seaweeds’ potential.

Land-based cultivation of seaweed does already exist around the world, but commercially it has yet to succeed in Denmark. The restricted factor has been the high operation expenses. Thus, Solar Cooling is the right company to undertake the task of establishing Denmark’s first commercial seaweed cultivation system on land with Pure Algae Denmark.

Bæredygtighedens Hus:
Run by Grenaa Havn A/S
Jacob Lænsø: project manager

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The time is finally here for initiatives that can support environmental changes. At the harbour in Grenaa you can find Jacob Lænsø as the project manager of an extraordinary development project. It is his desire to create the frame work of a future green business in Djursland and ‘Bæredygtighedens Hus’ is the working title of his vision. The new concept, which is about sustainability and circular economy, will make the future greener.

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The goal is to create ideal circumstances for entrepreneurs – small and large companies as well as stakeholders with a green mindset. Grenaa Havn is determined to become Denmark’s leading sustainable harbor that focuses for instance on activities within circular economy and sustainability. Thus, ‘Bæredygtighedens Hus’ is an ambitious project that aims at headhunting, gathering and manifesting innovative forces in a sustainable core.

Pure Algae Denmark is part of this group in synergy with other locale sustainable companies. The reason behind this action is to support the shared vision of creating growth for Grenaa. The ideas have the common goal of transforming the town of Grenaa, Grenaa Havn and ‘The House of Sustainability’ into Denmark’s green flagship in development.

Pure Algae Denmark fits perfectly well into this concept and the company have other attractive qualities that are highly desired at ‘Bæredygtighedens Hus’. Pure Algae Denmark is partly run by Esben Rimi Christiansen and partly founded on sustainable business principles merged with robust partnerships and a vision of creating a better world for future generations. Pure Algae Denmark represents a strong zeitgeist, that defines the way to run a business in the future – purpose-driven and passionate.

The future has arrived at ‘The House of Sustainability’ – Perhaps Grenaa will be known as “The seaweed Mekka of Denmark” with Pure Algae Denmark leading the way.