A life science startup, do you know what I mean?

So what is it actually we do in Pure Algae Denmark…

We grow seaweed.
On land.
Okay, and what’s new?

We design, build and operate a new technology, which we will proof can increase the productivity, reduce the costs and most of all – increase the quality of the seaweed and its sustainable footprint.

Now, what does it take?
Idea to full scale?
Easy now.

If you do something new, you have to start small. When implementing a new technology, we need to test a lot, but we do it systematically. Here is how:

Pilot (lab-scale) -> Prototype (small-scale) -> Demo (large-scale) -> Replicate Demo (full-scale)

We create hypotheses.
We create pilots, and we do rapid testing.
We implement our knowledge and test in prototypes.
If our hypotheses are confirmed all through the value chain, then we are successful.
Until then, it is about keeping on trying.
And of course – about having sufficient funds to keep the process (and ourselves) alive.

Throughout the last year we have been forth and back in this process of designing, testing and iterating on pilots and prototypes. Today we have a Demo, and we are closer now than ever.

We are so close, that we can almost taste the seaweed. Be ready for it, soon you can taste it too.

All we want for Christmas, is seaweed

Dulse is on it’s way heading straight to our Christmas hearts.

Soon it has been a year with designing, building, testing and iterating on our new energy optimized technology for increasing the seaweed production at a reduced space.

And the greatest gifts this Christmas have been the rewards from both Alexander Foss Industrial Fund by DI – International and now also the local support of NRGi who recently contributed to the development of our commercial plant.

Our plant is over floated with seaweed and with the new funds we can increase our production and start addressing the first of our high end seaweed to the local restaurants.

Come spring our first production will be ready and hopefully certified and we have already been placed on the map for seaweed providers in Denmark, check us and the amazing seaweed co-players out at: Linkedin

For now we want to share with you a Christmas heart and feel free to share with us yours in a like or a comment – you might even wish for seaweed, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Merry Christmas to all, Pure Algae Denmark

Still Alive

Pure Algae

Blue Bio Value

If you do not speak Portuguese then jump right into 2.01 where an English speaking seaweed specialist comments on the importance and the high potential of growing seaweed. And if you DO speak Portuguese then please enjoy an informative video about global seaweed production 🙂

Pure Algae

We are dedicating our first seaweed production to local Danish restaurants

If you work in a restaurant in Aarhus, then soon you might hear from Tine Zøfting.

For the next two months Tine will lead an interview program to achieve an in depths understanding of Danish restaurants need for seaweed and how our production at Pure Algae Denmark best meets their requirements.

Do you own or work in a restaurant in Aarhus? And do you have an interest in using seaweed? And do you also want to have an influence on how a local seaweed production can benefit the world?

Let us know your interest!
Reach out and Tine will give you a call or a visit.

Pure Algae

Blue Bio Value

Thank you very much for the welcome Blue Bio Value! Come October Pure Algae Denmark will have an exciting 5 weeks ahead of us.